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Mysterious Bird Deaths.

Some are calling these deaths a "coincidence"… My gut tells me there is more going on here than what is being reported.

I am really interested in seeing what facts the two bird incidents share. Not to mention the 100,000 fish kill just hours away from the first bird kill. All too sudden and close in proximity to be written off in my opinion.

The bird death story marks the first official unexplained case of the year! Well, at least for me anyway.

NASA Video

Cool NASA Video shot by the Shuttle Crew on a hand held as the External Tank falls away. Click the second one down and pay attention around the 28 sec mark in the bottom right hand corner.

Satellite? That was my initial thought but the more I watch the less it looks like a Satellite. Although the more you say Koala the less it sounds like an actual word.

Cool video non the less.

Lessons in Crypto

This photo was taken in a friends back yard after he shot an animal that was killing one of his chickens. He had never seen anything like it so he forwarded the photo to us. Perhaps not for Cryptozoology but it did wind up serving a purpose none the less.

NHUX Local News

News thread from the Union Leader about a mummified baby called Baby John. Baby John was discovered in Concord and in the possession of Charles Peavey. Despite Peavey's efforts to keep the "family heirloom" the court ordered the nearly 100 year old mummified corpse to be buried.

Recently the grave site of Baby John was found disturbed. Police aren't saying much and the Mummified Baby may have gone missing.

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